From the Beginning

Lets get introductions out of the way. My name is Nicole, I am 22, and this is my first time blogging. I was lucky to be born in Vail, CO, an amazing ski town where I learned to ski at 1 1/2 years and snowboard at 7. Growing up in the tight valley I learned that I love to be outdoors. Hiking, camping, skiing, boarding, snowshoeing, rafting, biking, climbing, and most of all exploring. Besides being an outdoors enthusiast, I also consider myself an artist. Fashion design is my passion, but I dabble in all sorts of mediums. I’m best at painting (mostly with acrylic but I try water color every now and then,) and making jewelry; including beaded bracelets and feather earrings. Yes I have an Etsy, more on that later.

When I was 18 I moved to Durango, CO (an amazing town that I recommend everyone check out) and studied business and art at Fort Lewis College. At 21 I moved to San Francisco and studied fashion design at FIDM. This is the school that films project runway, and this most current season had one of my teachers in it. Pretty cool huh? Once I graduated, which was this last September I decided that I wanted to travel to Argentina and become fluent in Spanish. Why Argentina? Because I have family here, including my amazing mom Pia. And that is where I find myself now.

I have only been here for a week so I still talk like a first grader in spanish. I did however order my fist cup of coffee all by myself today. Baby steps. I am also trying to get duel citizenship, which should be “easy” but of course is not. For example: online told us to go to Registro Nacional de las Personas. We get there (which is surprisingly close to the house) and they send us to Ministerio de Justicia. We walk all the way there and they send us to Corte Suprema de Justicia. So again we walk all over the city to find out they they tell us to do it online. A full circle. I am going to have to do a lot of investigating to figure this puzzle out. ┬áBut..once that mystery is solved I will be able to get a job. I will not be just getting any job. I want a fashion job. Time to build up that resume.

Thats all I have for now. Thanks for reading my babble. Lets end it with some travel

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