Paseo De La Historieta – Comic Walk in Buenos Aires

Paseo De La Historieta – Comic Walk in Buenos Aires

If you find yourself in Buenos Aires Argentina, on a warm day, and have no money to spend, I suggest you take the time to walk the Paseo de la Historieta. A street circuit that pays tribute to Argentine comic characters. Not a long walk that winds through the streets of the San Telmo barrio (neighborhood), over the Rio Darsena Sur, and into the brand new Puerto Madero barrio. From start to finish you see 19 overall statues and a couple murals. At the end of the walk you end up at the Museo del Humor, to see many hand drawn comics from famous artists.

My mom and I started the walk, conveniently located near our house, took pictures at every spot, and went into the museum after. The museum is free Monday-Wednesday, but worry not it is only $10 pesos otherwise (less than $1.) We had a great time viewing all the statues as well as discovering new parts of the city. In my opinion the museum was a bit boring, but all the comics are in spanish and obviously people who have grown up here have more sentiment towards their childhood comics. I have taken the time to create my own map of the route, (since there are no good/clear ones on the internet.) Also below are pictures of all the statues and murals in order.

Just a suggestion, do not do this walk on a Sunday, because everyone else is.

List of the Characters in order- corresponded with the map.

  • 1) Mafalda, Susanita, Manolito
  • 2) Isidoro Canones
  • 3) Larguirucho y Super Hijitus
  • 4) Matias
  • 5) Don Fulgencio
  • 6) Clemente
  • 7) Chicas de Divito
  • 8) Patoruzu
  • 9) Patorucito y Isidorito
  • 10) Gaturro
  • 11) Don Nicola
  • 12) Loco Chavez
  • 13) Tia Vicenta
  • 14) Negrazon y Chaveta
  • 15) Diogenes y el Linyera
  • 16) Langostino y corina
  • 17) Inodoro Pereyra y Mendienta
  • 18) El Eternauta
  • 19) La Jirafa

character map.jpg

1 Mafalda.jpg

2 Isidoro.jpg

3 Larguiruchi.jpg

4 Matias

5. Don Fug.jpg

6 Clement

7 Chicas.jpg

8 Patoruzu.jpg

9 Patorocito.jpg

10 Gatarro.jpg

11 don nicola

12 Loco.jpg

13 Tia M.jpg

14 Negraza.jpg


15 Diogentes.jpg

16 Langostino.jpg

17 Inodoro.jpg

18 el ele.jpg

19 Jirafa.jpg


Hope you have fun. I know we did!

Nicole 1/16/16



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