Heart Fruit Salad

Need a super simple dessert for an anniversary or Valentines Day? Something that wont break the bank, and expand your waste line? I recommend this healthy heart fruit salad. It’s a joy to make, and somehow is fun to eat, just by being shaped different.

What you will need:



*Chocolate (optional)

* Heart shaped cookie cutter.


Start by cleaning all he strawberries and removing their green crowns.


Cut the strawberry in half. Keep in mind the shape of a heart. If the top of the strawberry is slightly indented, cut it in half so that natural indent helps the shape.


Grab one half, and with a knife start to scoop out a small U shape in the center. Put the extra pit to the side. Repeat with other half.




Repeat with rest of berries until satisfied with amount. Put to side.

If you happen to have a very small heart shaped cookie cutter you could always use that instead.


Now grab you watermelon and heart cookie cutter. Place a slice on cutting board.


Start working way through slice, puzzling cutter so you can get as many hearts out of one slice as possible.




Place all hearts somewhere where they will not fall apart. I used another bowl

You can put left over pieces of watermelon in separate bowl to eat at another time.


Now in bowl you desire to present, start placing the strawberries and hearts intermittently and softly, to create your visualizing display.


There you go! An adorable healthy salad that is fun to eat.


Now if you want to add an extra sweet touch, lets go back to those extra strawberry pits that we put aside earlier.


I felt I did not have too many small pieces of strawberries, so with some extra ones I had, I cut some more up.


In small saucepan, start to melt the chocolate; dark or milk, whichever you want.

Once melted toss the pieces of strawberries in and stir. Scoop out the chocolate strawberries and place in a small-holed strainer above the pot. Then place the pieces on a piece of wax paper and put into fridge until hardened.


Now you have mini chocolate covered strawberry balls that you can incorporate into your salad, or have on the side.



Want to know what I did with some of my extra watermelon pieces? I made this delicious martini drink.


I blended the chunks until everything was liquid. Poured over some ice. Then added a shot of vodka, half a shot of orange liquor, a splash of sparkling white wine, and toped the rest off with bubbly soda. Delish!


I ended up making this salad and these drinks for a Valentines Day party that we hosted. I made this along with my Heavenly Melted Chocolate Cake.


Everyone was obsessed with the heart shaped watermelon, and now I believe I will always eat watermelon in shapes (depending on my cookie cutter collection.)


Please leave comments

Hope you had fun



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