Pork Eggrolls

My Chinese Egg Roll Recipe for those cooking for 1-2 on a cheap budget including meal planning. My life.

The other day I decided to make eggrolls because I had a whole head of red cabbage in my fridge left over from tacos the other night. I didn’t feel like eating sautéed cabbage so I was like, eggrolls! Those are cheap and easy.

So pulling from what I had in my fridge and then buying the rest of the ingredients at the store, I ended up with everything I needed in front of me. I like to let people experiment with their recipes (like I do) so I have listed optional ingredients, to go with your pallet or what you have in your home.

*½ Head of shredded Cabbage (or 1 bag of shredded cabbage and carrot coleslaw mix, about 2/3 bag) I used red cabbage but white is fine too.

*2 Carrots, Shredded

*2 Garlic Cloves, Minced

*2 Teaspoons chopped fresh ginger (I could not find any at the store sadly, so bought a jar of pickled ginger.)

*1/2 yellow onion sliced (Optional) I used because I had some in the fridge

*1/4 cup Green onion (Optional) I wanted to use but mine was dead from the cold.

½-1 pound Pork (or chicken or beef) Here you can buy ground meat, or I went cheaper and bought two thin pork chops for $1.50 and thinly sliced myself. This added a nice chunkiness to the eggrolls.

* 1 Teaspoon salt (Optional) I did not use since soy sauce already has salt.

* 1 Teaspoon sugar (Optional)

*1/4 Cup Soy Sauce

*2 Teaspoon Sesame Oil (Such an important ingredient)

*Sesame Seeds to sprinkle in mix (Optional)

*Pack of Eggroll papers (14-16)

*1 Egg beaten with little water for egg wash to close wrappers.

*Vegetable oil for frying.

Alright now that we have all our ingredients lets get to it.


First you will want to mince the garlic and ginger and add them to a pan with a little bit of oil on medium heat. Thinly slice your meat, add to the garlic and ginger, and cook until browned.

While that is browning in a bowl add together the soy sauce, sesame oil, salt (optional), and sugar (optional).

Add to the meat and cook a bit longer on low heat so it can soak up the juices.


Now in another bowl mix together the chopped cabbage, shredded carrots, and either or both types of onions.


Once that is done add the meat to the vegetable mix. So if you notice there is still a lot of juice in your pan you can either A)Toss it, B) add it to the mix or C) toss a little and add the rest to the mix.


I suggest adding the juice to the mix because it adds more flavor to the vegetables, but if there is really a ton of juice I would go with C because you do not want your eggrolls to be soggy.

Now pull out your papers and place one in front of you like a diamond.


Sweep the egg wash on the top and side corners.

Place about 3 tablespoons of filling in center of wrapper.


Fold the bottom point over the filling and roll once.


Fold in the right and left points tightly but not so tight you rip the paper.


Finish rolling.


Set aside and roll as many more eggrolls as you can get out of your mix.

Once you have completed this it is time to start frying. In a pan add a little vegetable oil and some drops of the sesame oil on medium heat. Add the eggrolls and keep turning so they are golden on every side.


Cool down slightly and eat! So bomb.

I noticed with mine that I did not need to dip mine in soy sauce because I added the juice earlier.


Since I ended up making 16 eggrolls and I was cooking for myself I made 3 and rolled the rest up individually in saran wrap and froze them, so now I have a supply of eggrolls to eat whenever I want.


I hope you enjoyed this recipe!

Please leave comments or feedback.



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    Que rico!!!❤❤❤


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