French Dip Sandwiches

At last a recipe for the tastiest French dip you will ever make at home. Get ready this recipe is bomb.

Slow cooked meat soaked in homemade au jus sauce, placed on a toasted warm bun with melt-y gooey cheese oozing off the side is what you are in for when preceding with this recipe.


Enough talking lets get to the ingredients.



Roast (around 3 pounds) of beef chuck or pork (I used pork because it was on sale)

1 envelope of dry onion soup mix (1 1/4oz)

2 tablespoons of onion powder & garlic powder

1 teaspoon dried thyme

2 teaspoons dried red pepper flakes

Freshly coarse ground black pepper

2 tablespoons hot horseradish

¾ cup low-sodium soy sauce

1 can beer (light)

1-1.5 cups water

3 cubes beef bouillon

2 bay leaves

6+ hoagie rolls or hot dog buns

Provolone or Munster cheese


Now that we have everything let’s start by removing the visible fat from the beef. Run it under cold water to wash it briefly then place the roast into a 4.5 – 6 quart slow cooker.


Add the next 7 ingredients (onion soup mix through horseradish) distributing each ingredient evenly over and around the roast.


Add the soy sauce, beer, and water onto and around the roast. Then drop in the bouillon cubes and the bay leaves. *Important step, must always taste the beer first.


Cover and anxiously wait for your roast to cook for 8 hours on the low setting or 4 – 5 hours on the high setting. You know it is done when the meat should be fork tender and falling apart. Heaven


Remove the meat from slow cooker shred with two forks.


Carefully skim off the fat that has reached to the top -if you want.


Return meat back into the au jus for meat to soak up the delectable juices.


Using slotted spoon or tongs; distribute meat evenly over the sub rolls. Top with cheese.


Place open-faced sandwiches under a broiler until cheese is melted. I usually toast the bread for a little bit before adding the meat, giving it that little extra crunch.


Once satisfied with the look of your toasted sandwich, place onto your plate, add a side cup of your au jus from the crock-pot, and taste the amazingly well seasoned, juicy, and enticing sandwich.


Now wasn’t that easy for such a dank sandwich?


Hope yours turns out as well as mine did!


Would love that feedback and review.




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