I got a new phone. Finally. My old one was so frustrating I just wanted to throw it at a wall or into Boulder Reservoir. I am now the proud owner of the Galaxy s9. Favorite thing so far, the camera. It has a ton of settings, including super slow-mo and voice command. It’s also purple.

I also put my car up for sale. 2008 Subaru Outback, Black, Manual, Pretty. I hope it sells. A couple came on Saturday to check it out, but they didn’t sound too convincing.  I want to get a Rav4 in its place.

Sunday my man and I took the truck and the doggo up to Nederland to go rock hunting. As in hike around a very random (but calculated) piece of forest seeking certain forms of rocks. I enjoy it because we get to be outside and I sometime find some cool crystals. This particular day was super foggy and not warm, but that didn’t stop us. I love the fog! Mysterious, eerie, and calm, with the trees fading in and out of the horizon.

Eventually when we got bored we stopped by the lake. It was super low, and the water was warmer than the air causing it to steam, adding to the already foggy day. Not a bad sight.

Once we were sufficiently frozen we drove back down to boulder and stopped at Taco, for tacos and margs. The margs were dangerous and the tacos were not that great, but the place is super cute and its always fun to go out.

I’d say it was a pretty productive/adventurous weekend and I got some great photos out of it off my-new-phone. Check them out 🙂


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