October pt. 2

Last week I mentioned that I put my car up for sale. Well if all goes well I should be selling it tomorrow! I have to go to the bank at 8:30 in the morning to meet with the guy,
we exchange the money, sign over the title, and then I am car-less.

Then the hard part is finding a new car. Oh boy that is going to be time consuming. It has to be just right. A black Rav4, over the year of 2010, with under 150,000 miles and in my price range. Finding that in Boulder is basically impossible, so I might have to search out of state. And then if I do find a car out of state then how do I get it. Do I have to fly there? Or will the ship it out to me? This is all new to me.
But…I will not start looking until Monday, because I am going on vacation! Finally. I am taking a trip to Seattle and then Vancouver Canada with my mom. We travel together perfectly, almost always thinking the same way. And the weather looks like it is going to be sunny and not cold. (In Seattle, I haven’t checked Canada yet.) She rented us a great Airbnb that looks directly at the needle. We can walk almost anywhere, and it shouldn’t be too far of a drive from the airport.
First time going to either of these places.
Next week when I get back I’ll post all my good photos.
For now here is a photo of my cool alien plant with a hand painted pot by muah.
Would you buy that?



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  1. undiagourmet says:

    Happy traveling!


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