Seattle Pt. 1

Adventure Alert! I went to two new places that I have never been, checking them off my internal map this last weekend.  A mini vacay to Seattle, WA and Vancouver, Canada for 5 days, traveled with none other- my Mom! It was an awesome time, with great weather, tons of walking, eating and exploring.

Lets start with Seattle.

It was a short time, but two days was enough time to see a number of places. We left

20181018_094241CO at 6am and arrived to Seattle airport around 8am.  Grabbing a Lyft was simple, around $50 (inc. tip)  going straight to our Airbnb, where they were very accommodating and let us drop our bags off, even though the room was not going to be ready until 3pm.

Waking up at 4am, by 9 we were starving, so we went searching for food. A couple blocks from the house was a place called Citizen that was recommended to us by the Lyft driver AND our host. I personally wasn’t impressed with the food or coffee, but it was a cute atmosphere and the coffee was very pretty to look. My mom on the other hand loved her crepe.

From where out house was located, and the cafe, you could see the space needle perfectly, so we decided to start with that. It was only about 15 min walking. Next to the tower, was the MoPop museum, an architectural mish-mash of a building, showcasing contemporary popular culture exhibits, that was recommended to me by multiple people. I initially thought that I wouldn’t mind if we skipped it, but I am really glad that we decided to go, because it was very unique and entertaining. Inside they had for sale this CityPass booklet, which was the best way to go to see all the touristy attractions. It had the MoPop museum, 2 visits up to the tower, an aquarium visit, a harbor boat tour, and a choice of seeing the science museum or the Chihuly glass museum, all for the price of $89 per person. The museum alone was $34 a person, so a no-brainer.

Once inside the museum they had a couple different exhibits, the newest being Marvel. There was a short documentary on the creators of the comics, then you walk around seeing all the iconic characters that we know today. This was by far my favorite, mostly because of all the great photos I got :p


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The rest of the exhibits included: Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Jimi Hendrix, Horror, Fantasy, Nintendo, and Hall of fame. It took us about 2 hours to get through the whole museum, thoroughly entertained.

Once we decided that we saw it all, we walked the couple feet to the space needle, where we were able to go up and see the most amazing view of the city, the ocean, and the mountains, including the infamous rainier mountain shadowed in a haze off in the distance. We were there on a beautiful day, where many people mentioned we were very lucky and it was a rare treat. Apparently they just finished remodeling the needled (cant believe our timing they opened two days before) where there was a new glass floor in place. My mom had a hard time standing on it, I on the other hand loved it. I don’t know if you know this but the dome also slowly rotates. It really messes with your mind because one sec you feel the actual movement and the next it looks like the wall is moving and not the floor. It almost made me feel a little sea sick.


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50 photos later we agreed that we could eat and we needed to make sure it was seafood. We set off walking the distance down to the the piers. It was a long entertaining walk, and we finally made it to an area with multiple restaurants. It was hard to decide where to eat, because everything was on the pricey side. I really just wanted crab, but holy shit I was not going to pay those prices. We finally settled on a restaurant where we could eat outside alongside the water, and got some seafood appetizers instead of meals.

Where we ended up was right next to the aquarium, and because we had the city pass tickets we decided to hit that up next. What is there not to love about aquariums? Cool ass fish, a “petting zoo” and sea animals. Being that it was a Thursday, the place was relatively empty and we didn’t feel rushed. The first section had all the fish and the tidal waves, where you could touch the  star fish, sea slugs, coral ect. There was an awesome sleeping octopus and some fun facts to be learned. Once out of the fish zone there were birds, sea lions, and sea otters. A-dor-able! The aquarium was relatively small, but still so entertaining and worth the trip.

Stay tuned for next week to hear about the glass gardens and the infamous Pike Place Market.

Comment below with any stories you have of Seattle 🙂




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  1. undiagourmet says:

    What a fun trip! Can’t wait to see the rest.


  2. Such a fun trip! Seattle is on our short list.


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