Seattle Pt. 2

Okay lets see where did I leave off?

Oh that’s right, just finished our time at the aquarium. By this point it was around 4pm and we were drained, so we decided to walk the couple blocks to the famous Pikes Place Market to get coffee and a treat.
We arrived at the market from the lower level and realized that the market is massive. It’s like 5 floors of shops with restaurants scattered in-between, and an amazing farmers market on the top (street level) with beautiful flower bouquets and tons of fresh seafood and produce. A bit overwhelming, but still worth it to check out. We ended up going to
Le Panier and got Expresso shots and a raspberry croissant to share. The croissant was
a-maz-ing, coffee so-so.


My moms phone wasn’t working the whole trip  (AT&T) so after the coffee we went searching for a store to get that working. That’s not too exciting of a story so lets fast forward. Once we were done with the phone we decided we were so pooped that we just wanted to go back to the house and rest our feet. We ended up getting pizza slices at Big Marios Pizza which was delicious by the way, and then quickly passed out.
The AirB&Bs kitten Memphis.
DAY 2:
Can you believe we did all that stuff in just one day? I can’t either, but we had one more day to get the rest of the stuff on our list complete. Not feeling rushed this morning we walked the short distance to Caffe Ladro where we had regular black coffee and ham and cheese croissants. I think the coffee she gave us was decaf because I swear that I didn’t feel any affects, but the croissants were perfect. Across the street was a nail salon so we decided to treat ourselves and get mani / pedis. We went to Queen Ann Nails across the street, got inside, they were completely empty and the lady was like- you come back in 30 minutes. So I was like nah-lets go somewhere else. Couple blocks down was Pro Nails (no website), where they were actually full and she said- come back in 30 min. I was like nope- lets try one more place. One more block down was Top Nails where there was no one and they were very happy to help us right away.
It was a very enjoyable experience, with a great foot and hand massage, and my nails looked great. Its been what, a week and a half since then, and they still look fantastic.
Once our nails had dried and we could put our shoes back on we walked back to the space needle and went into the Chihuly gardens. Wow was that place cool. It’s super small, but the glass sculptures are so captivating and full of color. I got some great photos. That took about an hour in itself, and by the time we were done it was already 1pm. Time for lunch.
We made out way back to the Pikes Place Market and looked at every single restaurant inside, with absolute indecision. We could not make up our mind. If we were going to spend that much money on seafood then it better be damn good. So we ended up walking around aimlessly for about another hour, until we finally decided on a place that my friend actually recommended, Pike Brewing Company. They had two different restaurants, a fancier one upstairs and then a pub like bar downstairs. We decided to go fancy. We each got a glass of rose champagne and then split some appetizers of steamed muscles and a surf and turf of pork belly and octopus. Everything was so flavorful and we cleaned the plates so well, it looked like we never got the food in the first place. 20181019_123535
When we were eating I was trying to figure out when we could use out last city pass of the boat ride, but sadly found out that on Saturdays they only went out at two times and we just missed the last time. So that was a bummer, but oh well. Instead we decided to go see a movie. I purchased movie tickets on my phone to see A Small Favor at 5:45. It was only 3 by the time we were done eating so we had more time to kill.
Which means we ended up at this hidden coffee shop called Storyville that was so ornate inside, I felt VIP. The coffee was amazing too, best coffee we had on the whole trip, and Seattle is supposed to be known for their coffee..hmmm
We hung out there for a while, charging our phones, and then started to make our way to the theater. It happened to be in a mall, so we ended up doing some window shopping on our way, but didn’t actually end up getting anything.
The movie was…interesting. It had Anna Kendrick and Blake Lively so they were great..but we were both pretty confused at the end. There were too many loose ends for a “mystery & suspense” film.
By the time the movie was over it was dark out and we decided to call it a night. We had to be at the train station by 5am the next morning, so we walked back to the house, skipped dinner, and promptly fell asleep.
Stay tuned, next week I will talk about our time in Vancouver.
Comment below with any stories you have of Seattle.
❤ Cheers

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  1. Great photos! It looks like you had a great trip!


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