FYTZ Clothing


Starting this Friday, Adam and I will be show casing our art at an art gallery for 3 weeks. A gallery posted on instagram looking for people to sell their creations for Christmas gifts and stocking stuffers. We of course jumped right on it and signed up, 2 days before the deadline. 

Gathering all the crafts that I have made throughout the years..and I mean years, and combing them with Adams hand full- we had a good amount of inventory.

Quickly preparing for the booth and staying on a budge I crafted up my own marketing materials. I painted our logo onto fabric I had on hand, creating a table cloth. Then I created earring and necklace display cards to make our stuff look professional. They turned out great I must say.


Adam dropped off a round of our stuff a couple days ago, and now we are just gathering everything we can find and getting it booth ready. Quite enjoying myself.

I will be selling a variety of beaded earrings, necklaces, bracelets, food anklets, as well as reusable canvas bags and purses.

Hope it goes well!IMG_20181130_133431_261IMG_20181130_121843922

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