Oregon Roadtrip

Starting tomorrow night, my boyfriend and I are going on a 10 day long road trip to and around Oregon. It’s a state I have always wanted to visit and now its going to happen!

The plan is to stay in 6 different towns. We already have AirBnBs set up and now we just need to go.

First we drive a whopping 22 hours to Coos Bay…so that should be fun.

After getting the long drive out of the way, the surrounding towns will only be a max of 2-hours apart.

From Coos Bay we go north to Eugene, then through Albany to Salem, and from there to Portland.

Then we head east and stop in Hood River, and then south to Bend.

We don’t really have any plans set up besides meeting a friend in Eugene and also stopping at Ninkasi Brewing (which is one of my favorite breweries and their graphic designer is my spirit animal.)

So with all that fun adventure about to happen, I will not be posting next Tuesday, but don’t fret, once we get back I will let you know all my experiences.

And here’s a photo of my kitty with a mustache


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