Exploring Oregon Roadtrip

Let’s talk Oregon! 

In my previous post Oregon Roadtrip, I mentioned which towns I was going to check out on road trip through Oregon. Well we went, and now I’m back and here is what I think…

First off, the road-trip was a blast, getting to see many different towns around the state, and how each place differs. In total we were gone for 10 days, and drove a total of 3,145 miles! 

Our first destination was Coos Bay, which is a costal town in the Southern end of Oregon. We chose this town because it was conveniently located to other towns we wanted to visit, and it’s right on the ocean. Living in a land-locked state, visiting the ocean was the first thing we wanted to do, and we did! We drove 22 hours straight (alternating shifts on who drove) and went directly to the ocean. Granted it was super windy and not warm, we were both satisfied with the sea air, the sand beneath our feet, and being out of the car! 

Once we were officially cold we went to our Airbnb, which was perched on a hill, with a great view of the town. Bonus, they had a very cute puppy- Blanch. Our room was interesting, up in the attic, but we were only there for one night. The town itself is super small, mostly a logging community. They had a small downtown with normal shops and restaurants, they have two casinos, and some landscaping for hikes, but that was about it. Nothing too special. Coos Bay was a nice place to visit, but we felt if we were to do this trip again, we would not need to visit.

Airbnb – The house itself was cute, modern open spaced living room and a reading room with a wide view of the surroundings. The house itself seemed to be for guests only, 4 rooms in total, and the owners live in a side house lock off.

From there it was a quick hour drive to Eugene, the second town on our list.  Eugene is a super cute hippy town, mixed with a large college. Some areas (where we stayed) was all unique homes with restaurants tucked away between, and murals painted everywhere. Other parts of the town were newer- more suburb looking. Being that it rains there all the time, means it was super lush. Huge trees and moss, tulips everywhere, everyones gardens looked spectacular. They have a good number of micro breweries too. We went to Ninkasi (which happens to be one of my favorites), and Hop Valley, both walking distance from each other.

Since I have a friend out there, they showed us a night out on the town, where we barhopped for, let’s say..too long, stopping at VooDoo donuts at some point in the night. The next day I needed to walk off my headache, so we went for a hike at Spencer Butte. The top was a 360 view of the town and surrounding hills. The day we went was rainy (of course) and foggy. After that we met back up with our friends, went to the downtown farmers market, then got tacos. Conclusion: I think Eugene would be a super fun town to live in, and I can imagine how amazing my garden would be, but I don’t know if I could handle rain that much…or be far from skiing.

Airbnb – It was a hostel rented out through airbnb, that was in a great location. The front had wrap porch had a bunch of couches including a big fat orange kitty. However, the locks on the room doors were old skeleton keys, that were nearly impossible to use. I never figured it out, allowing Adam to be sole holder of the key, and could hear other guest late at night struggling for minutes out in the hall. One guy seriously for like 20 minutes! And our room was small, not very clean, and the bed was seriously slanted.

Well I am running out of time, so I will get to more town in my next post. Stay tuned!



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