New Product Launch!

You may or may not know this about me, but I went to school for Fashion Design. Of course, these days I am finding that I really enjoy graphic design. Within the last year, I started to realize that I was loosing that passion, and I really needed to do something to spark that interest again. Living in Boulder, CO there really isn’t much opportunity to work in the fashion industry, with every place that is available looking for 5-8 years experience. What is up with that? How are you supposed to get experience if no one will hire you without experience. 

Being fed up with the industry around here, I decided to just create my own line. Something simple, like screen printed designs. So I went ahead and started “doodling” in Illustrator, have now created about 8 different designs all within a theme, and feel like I am finally ready to share with the world my work.

I know people don’t know who I am, or who Fytz Clothing is, but I am hoping my stuff will be interesting enough that people will want to buy a
T-shirt/tank/sweater ect, because they think it’s interesting and necessary to have in the wardrobe. They will see the photos on Instagram and be like, ” Yeah, I could see myself wearing that, I want one.” 

So with that hope, and a lot of courage, I am happy to announce that this Friday I will be rolling out my new Succubus Collection. Inspired by nature with a focus on succulents and Cacti, this new line will be ever growing and up with the hip trends. 

So please, start following my business on Instagram @fytzclothing and visit my Etsy Shop, to stay in the know with new products available. 
Also, feel free to reach out if you have any suggestions or even custom designs in mind.
Wish me luck, and buy a shirt!

 Cheers 🙂 


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