Birthday Adventures

This past weekend I got to celebrate my 26th birthday. Shit, I am officially on my way to old… 4 more years and I am 30! I know, I know that is still really young, but still…

Anyways, I had a fantastic weekend celebrating with a number of people, and doing all the things I love. 

Friday night I went out with my boyfriend and two other best friends, checking out the free live music in downtown, then making our way to the new arcade bar, then to two more dive bars, gradually getting drunker at each spot. We didn’t get home until midnight, which actually isn’t too bad, at least it wasn’t 2 am. 

Somehow we (my boyfriend & I) managed to wake up at 7am the next morning and got ready for a hike. I wanted to get up there early because the weather wasn’t supposed to be so nice in the afternoon, and finding parking is always a struggle. We drove a little over an hour up to Brainard Lake, which is on the Peak to Peak trail. I was pleasantly surprised to barley see any cars in the lot, a good sign the hike wouldn’t be crowded. We got a little rain/hail, but it lasted maybe 20 minutes and the rest of the day was perfect temperature. It was high enough up that there was still snow coverage everywhere, and we originally wanted to go past Brainard lake up to some more lakes, but the trails were still closed/ we didn’t bring snowshoes. 
Cosma (our dog) had a blast, even though she almost pushed me into the lake! Bitch :p We brought some lunch and a couple of beers and enjoyed the fresh air and no people. 

Once we were done hiking, we went and saw the new Men in Black International movie. It was pretty funny, and sexy mc sexy was in it (Chris Hemsworth), which made it that much better. 
After the movie we quickly went home, chilled for just a little, then got ready for dinner at…Benihana! Yes haha, this is the restaurant I picked, but I really wanted Hibachi and there were no other restaurants like that around. Plus, I hadn’t been there since I was probably 13, so it was about time to go again. Of course it was entertaining and delish, leaving with a full belly, my skirt felt like it would rip. 

The next day, Sunday, was my actual birthday, and this year it fell on Father’s day, so I decided to go up to Vail and spend the day with my Dad. 
We played a fun 18 round game of frolf (frisbee golf) and checked out the new river park that Eagle put in. The town spent 5 million dollars on this new water park, and we got so much snow this winter, that the river was raging! It was so flooded that it actually has torn out some of the new features. Can you believe that! 5 mil and it’s already getting ruined.

 After that, we went back to his house and had a massive BBQ dinner, then I got to open gifts, then it was time to head home. 
It was a great birthday weekend, and I scored on some great gifts šŸ™‚ 
I have already used my new Dutch Oven to make some bread (which turned out amazing, recipe to come), and I will bust out my brand new Sewing Machine tonight. So excited because my last one was a piece of shit, that’s going straight into the garbage. 

Anyways thanks for listening to me rant. 

Hope you have a good birthday, whenever that may be.



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