Durango Bound


This year, 4th of July fell on a Thursday, which, lucky for me, means I got Friday off too, making it a 4-day weekend baby! And what did I do with all that time off you might ask? Great question, I went to Durango!

Durango is an amazing town located down in the four corners of Colorado, and it happens to be where I went to college. (Well, most of my college.) Lately I have really been feeling all the people here in Boulder, and I am a bit overwhelmed / claustrophobic / so OVER IT. So going down to Durango was the best thing I could have done.

Going back made me realize how much I miss living in the mountains and in a smaller community. I mean you have everything you need within minutes of the town. There is skiing 30 minutes away at Purgatory, or you can drive an hour and a half to Wolf Creek, and there is rarely traffic. There is a giant river that runs through the middle of town that is great for floating, rafting, canoeing, paddle boarding…you get it. There are hikes everywhere, tons of lakes, and some amazing restaurants throughout town. You can ride your bike from one end to another, and bonus, the people are great.

So yeah, you can say I had a great weekend. Here are just some of the many photos I took.

Have you ever been to Durango? Let me know!



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