DIY Roof Top Tent


A while back, my boyfriend had this crazy idea to build his own roof top tent. Do you know what that is? They are these new nifty tents that literally sit on top of your car, and just pop right open when you are ready to use. Here are some examples: 

Anyways, his original idea was to create a hard shell version that opens up like a clam shell. He got all gung-ho into the idea, purchasing all his materials with some thought. Sound like someone you know…? Well, he started this idea with the intention that I would be the one sewing the tent. Yippee

After several months of trying to build this massive tent, so massive I might add, that it did not fit in our house or basement, and we don’t have a garage… he finally decided to switch gears.

 This new idea of a tent is a soft shell, that is MUCH easier…for him! 
I still had to do all the sewing. The time finally came where it was my time to start helping out, and I am proud to announce that we are finally done with this damn project! 
It took me several grueling weeks of screaming, yelling, and almost breaking down, but I fucking did it, and it looks pretty damn badass. I had to sew together the tent itself, the rain fly, the cover when closed, and the mattress cover.
Here is a timeline of my step by step progress. Pretty impressive right?

Now that is complete, I can enjoy the luxury of owning a new roof top tent. It is simple to set up, almost harry potter esc, and it’s one of a kind. I just need to put my logo on there, and we’re in business!

I’d love to hear your comments about how awesome this is. 😛



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  1. undiagourmet says:

    You are amazing!!!!!


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