Oh Wedding’s


This past Thursday I got to attend a wedding. It was my boyfriends older brother and his now wife’s big day. The venue was located in Evergreen, CO. There was an event cabin along the lake with a 360 degree view of the mountains. Beautiful. During the ceremony it started to lightly rain, and then right after a rainbow filled the backdrop just in time for photos. The bride looked gorgeous in her dress, and all the boys were handsome/ adorable. The night was filled with small talk, reminiscing, drinking, eating, and lots of dancing.

Adams parents hosted the wedding party the night before at their giant AirBnB in golden, which is also where we stayed. The food was amazing, I ate way too much. I also got the task of creating the flower arrangements, and will say I did a pretty good job.

I disappointingly did not get many photos, here are some of mine and some of the professional ones that have been released.


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