Dog Rain Jacket DIY

Our adorable sausage of a dog, Cosma, has very short hair, and whenever we go on hikes she usually gets pretty cold. We have a cute sweater for her to stay warm, and if we know there will be rain or snow we usually give her our spare rain jacket, but since she is so short, we have to roll the sleeves up so high, or she trips on them. 

Well, I took it upon myself to make her, her very own rain jacket, and I must say, it’s frickin adorable. 

I used the spare material we had left over from making the Roof Top Tent, had a cute star zipper on hand (which matches the star shape on her chest) and added a little dinosaur fin to the top to make it that much more unique. 😀 

It fits her perfectly! And she loves it, she knows she looks cute with it on. 
If you want a custom dog rain jacket made for your baby, just let me know! I had way too much fun making this project. Or even just the pattern and you sew yourself for that matter.

I need to get more photos of her wearing it while we are on a real hike, but for now these will do. 

Let me know what you think,


2 Comments Add yours

  1. undiagourmet says:

    Are the kitties jealous?


    1. nix3nix says:

      I will have to make them something too!


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