Backpacking Lost Creek Wilderness

More specifically, Lake Park Lasso Loop in the Lost Creek Wilderness. My boyfriend and I finally found a weekend this summer to go backpacking, so we jumped on the opportunity to check out the Lost Creek Wilderness. I did some research and decided upon this particular loop because it was less miles than others. This being Adams first time ever backpacking, I figured we should take it semi-easy to get the feel of things. Well the map says it is 13.5 miles, but that is straight up wrong, the hike was about 17 miles in total.

We set off Friday afternoon after work, got stuck in traffic (Grr Colorado…), parked our car and started our hike. We walked about 5 miles the first night, most of it in the dark, which was actually pretty fun. We didn’t find a flat spot to camp for a while, but when we did we were already exhausted. A steady climb the whole time from the car. We set up camp, ate dinner, drank some wine, and passed the fuck out. I slept great.

The next morning we ate breakfast packed up, and started walking again. This was the hardest day, the first 3 miles were a steep uphill to the top, it leveled off for a little, where we stopped for lunch, and then it was about another 1.5 miles of steep uphill to the other peak. Then it was basically all downhill from there, but by the time we hit the top we were so hot and beat, that we walked about 2 more miles before we rested, which turned into a nap, which turned into our camp spot for the night.

The next morning we walked downhill, most of the time, all the way back to the car. About 3 miles in, we were both out of water, so we were itching to get to the bottom where we knew there was a river. I was surprised that we did not run into any fresh water the whole hike until the very end. Kind of scary.

I got mad blisters, that are still healing here, two weeks later. Word of advice, get good shoes. I mean, I thought my shoes were good, they are a good brand and have mountain in the title..but yet they killed my feet.

We had a great weekend backpacking and definitely want to do it more often. This was a good learning experience for what to and what not to bring. Check out all the photos I got.

Check this link if you are interested in going!

Have you ever been to Lost Creek Wilderness?

Let me know!



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  1. Alien Resort says:

    Would it be okay to drink out of the river?


    1. nix3nix says:

      I’m sure it is, but I bring water purifying tablets just in case. Peace of mind.

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    2. BIT|Hiker 65 says:

      “Pristine” as much of CO is, I’ve never had any indication that it’s safe to drink out of rivers. Be careful! Giardia sucks!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. nix3nix says:

        Yes! Always be on the safe side. Thanks for the comment


  2. Never been to Lost Wilderness but it looks like a great place to go!


    1. nix3nix says:

      It really is beautiful around there, I recommend! And it’s a large area, lots to explore. Just don’t go right now because there’s a fire going. đŸ˜¦

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  3. BIT|Hiker 65 says:

    Great post! Thanks!


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