Plant Stylist

Wow, I missed three blog posts in a row, that is how busy I have been! Jeeze I am so glad that most of it is over. This past couple weeks I’ve been extra busy at work, because we had 2 photo shoots, and 2 separate video shoots all within the past month.

First, we had a full day photo shoot to showcase the new product we are about to launch. Then we had another one, this was specifically for our catalogs.

Then after those were through, I did 4 days of off site video shoots, all about 14 hour days.

Then I went to Lake Powell for a week, oh yeah baby.

Then, as soon as I got back, I was off to help with another video shoot for our new commercial.

Why do you ask I had to go to all these events? Well, that is because I am the Plant Stylist. Yeup, I am now a stylist which is pretty damn cool. I had to make sure that our product and the plants in them were beautiful and camera ready.

It was a great experience, will all different people, and several locations, but I am glad to be back to a normal work week. Feel like I haven’t even been home!

I will show you the videos once they are out! Then you can see what an amazing job I did :p

But in all seriousness, I am happy to use this work on my portfolio, and maybe I can start a new career as a stylist. Need any freelance work done?



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