Earrings + Moving to Cali

I was busy this past weekend cranking out some earrings for my Etsy site. I don’t know if you are aware, but this summer my fiancé and I will be moving to Carlsbad, California (near San Diego) so he can go back to school and study his passion. When looking at pricing of living there, I had a panic attack. For the price that we are paying in rent here in Colorado, we would be able to get a 300 sqft shack there in California.
So my mind transitioned to, what can we get rid of in this house, because there is no way it’s all going to fit. I mean we live in a pretty small place now, but it’s still 3 floors, so we manage to have a lot. I have slowly been selling things that we don’t use anymore, and one of my tasks is to use up some of the art supplies I have. 
Hence, this is how I came about making all these beautiful earrings. I used beads that I swear I have had since elementary school, and some thread that I probably have had since middle school. Why do I hold onto things for so long?!  Well, I am quite pleased with the result, I used almost all the beads, and all of the thread is gone. BUT now I need to sell them, or it defeats the point of getting rid of things! 
So take a look, help a girl out, buy some of my earrings so I can afford to live in California!
Or, you know, buy anything else off my Etsy site

Thanks for your support. Do any of you live in California?
How do you make it work? 
Still majorly stressed on rent prices.


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