DIY Flower Crown

At my job, we are constantly growing a variety of plants. This week they pulled down a couple Bounty’s full of Zinnia flowers. These beautiful, radiant flowers have vibrant red, pink, yellow, and white blooms, on tall stalks with rounded leaves, making them the perfect flower to make flower crowns!

Did you ever do that as a kid? I remember making flower crowns with the fields of dandelions near my school. This craft is fun, easy, and you get a beautiful crown for the day.

The first thing you need to do is gather the flowers you want to use for your crown. Follow the stem down to the bottom and cut, making sure you have the longest stem possible.

Once you have chosen all your flowers, it’s time to take off most of the leaves. Gently pull or cut off the leaves, leaving a select few that are near the top of the flowers for added crown fullness.

Now the fun part! Grab your first flower, I recommend grabbing one with the thickest stem, and make a slit near about 1 inch – 1.5 inches with scissors or an exacto blade, large enough for another flower stem to fit through. Thread the next flower through the slit, careful not to break open the hole.

Repeat with each new flower, until you have enough to make a circle large enough to fit on your head.

Thread the first flower through the last stem to complete the loop. Trim any long stems. Now you have a beautiful flower crown for whichever occasion! What a good feeling. 

What do you think?


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