Cats in Cars = No Fun


So if you stay tuned to my blog, then you will know that Adam and I are moving to California soon. In 2 months to be exact. So beyond excited and antsy. Well, we told our landlords that we do not want to re-sign our lease, so they already put our place on the market. Within the first week, we got a showing for every single day. This could be fine…except for the fact that we have pets.

First, we have 2 cats that they do not know about. Second, we have a dog that is friendly…but has a pretty scary bark and we don’t have a kennel to place her in. So this week, Adam and I have had to take turns putting the animals in the car while they show the house. Of course each day is at a different time, making it very inconvenient for our work schedule.

Our process consists of, running home 30 minutes before the scheduled showing, shove the cats into their carriers (which is NOT easy), hide their food, cat tower, and litter, and throw them (gently) in the car. Then park the car behind the house with a note basically saying, this is temporary please don’t break my window or call animal control. Then we run back to the house, and take the dog for a walk. Once we know the coast is clear, we drop the dog off, run and get the cats, (that have been screaming bloody murder the whole time) and let them back into the house.

So far we have not lost a cat, got the police called on us, or got caught by the people showing the house. Knock on wood.

I CANNOT WAIT until someone decides they want to rent this place. If we have to do this for several weeks…I just don’t know.

I just bought some cat treats online that should calm them down, because poor Sid really does not like the car. Which, he better get used to because we have a long drive ahead of us.

Anywho..How was your week?



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  1. Alien Resort says:

    Cat calming spray works miracles. Spray some in their vicinity 30 minutes before putting them in the carrier. (Your cats are cute).


    1. nix3nix says:

      Okay, I will definitely give that a try! I bought some “cat calming” treats but I swear they were more hyper after. Thanks 🙂

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      1. Alien Resort says:

        The stuff I got has catnip oil. Ernest doesn’t respond to catnip but for some reason the calming spray turns him from a tiger into a rag doll.

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