Move to Cali Postponed


If you pay attention to my blog posts, then you would know that Adam and I were planning on moving to California at the end of April. We were both so excited, mentally prepared for everything that had to go into it. We let our landlords know, and they agreed to shorten our lease by one month, original lease was up June 6th, but they moved it to April 30th with no penalty fee. This was all great when we thought things were happening… but then the world locked down. California is in lock down from the COVID 19 virus, and now Colorado is on the way. (We are in stay at home orders here in Boulder.) I know this virus is scary, and it putting everyones lives in chaos, but I am here today to vent about my life.

Because of this virus, all our plans are up in the air. Adams school is shut down until further notice, we have no idea when he will be able to start his program. We have job security here in Colorado, but if we moved to California, no one is hiring right now, so we would be jobless. Our landlords are making us move out April 30th, so essentially we will be homeless starting May 1st.

We have no idea what to do.

I know we could find somewhere to live around here temporarily, it just really sucks that we would have to move all our things twice. Then there is the option to move into Adam’s parents house for the time being, but I loath that idea. We wouldn’t be able to bring any of our things, would be in their space, their spare room is right next to theirs, and we have cats that cannot go outside, where they have dogs that have free-range of their backyard with the doggy door.

Then I think, fuck it, let’s just move to California anyways, maybe my job will let me work remotely, but then Adam still needs to find a job, and realistically how easy is it to move to California right now. I image not easy.

I must say, I don’t think I have been this stressed for this many consecutive days ever in my life.

I am grateful that we both have jobs that are able to withstand during this pandemic and possible depression, but on the other hand, we were both mentally prepared to put our notice in April 10th, that this is a struggle to come to the reality that we need to stay with our companies longer.

It is hard to make a calculated decision when no one knows how long this is all going to last.

We just don’t know…

How is Covid 19 affecting your life?

Do you have any suggestions for Adam and I?



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  1. Alien Resort says:

    Moving all your things twice sounds like the most reasonable way.

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