Ground beef, onion & mashed potato pierogi.


When I was a sophomore in college, my boyfriend at the time (now my fiancé) was living with one of our great friends, and he was OBSESSED with pierogi. Like, he basically ate it every night for dinner, mostly because it was super easy to warm up the frozen kind. So now anytime I even hear that word I think of him, so Jacob, I guess this recipe is in honor of you 😛

This recipe is not the warmed up frozen kind, obviously.

I followed the recipe here, but added in home made mashed potatoes to make them feel more authentic. (Instant potatoes would work great too, I just had some potatoes that really needed to be used.) I also forgot to add the cheese, but honestly I don’t think they needed it.

They turned out fantastic! How could they not? You literally fry them in butter. Would I make them again? Probably, but the dough did take a lot of effort. It was such a work out to make the dough thin, but, I guess since it is such a fatty recipe, then that is a good thing!

Have you ever made pierogi?



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