New Piece


I finished up a new painting recently, and I am happy with the end result. The background is my favorite by far, yet the center gave me a bit of trouble. I actually painted like 3/4ths of the center triangle, didn’t like it, painted it over with white, and tried again. I still was not super satisfied with the center so I added more to it. Then I really was distracted by that, so I added the bronze pattern on top. It helped flatten it out and blend the piece together. BONUS, all the triangles glow in the dark, pretty neat. I think I need to update my paints, some were my moms that I got like, 12 years ago, and the rest are from about 9 years ago…yeah it’s time to buy some new acrylic paints.

I already have an idea for my next piece, but I need to finish up some other projects I have started around the house. Always do that… Projects such as: A pencil skirt I drew a pattern for and am like 10% done sewing it together.
A knit shirt, that let’s be honest, isn’t turning out the way I want, think I need to unravel it. I also just started to knit a light wrap sweater.
THEN I can start a new painting :p



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