Growing Broccoli


Well…Trying to grow broccoli.

So I planted broccoli seeds in my AeroGarden Farm Plus 200 days ago, and today I finally decided it was a bust. Such a bummer, but it was a good learning experience and I still had fun. I think it was just too hot in the Farm Plus and it was a little too short. So the plant went to flower too soon and touched the top of the grow lights. Oh well, I might try again in a Farm XL or just try outside when I have land.

I did harvest the flowers and used them in a salad, so it wasn’t all a waste! And, fun fact, you can eat the leaves, they are just like kale (same family.)

Once I cleaned out the whole garden I replanted one side with herbs I had growing upstairs, and the lettuce varieties in the other side. I figure not starting anything too fun until after we move to Cali.

Got any questions?



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