Lavender & Oat Bath Soak


I have been growing lavender at my desk while i’ve been working from home these past couple months. They went a little crazy, and I kept forgetting to water them, so I decided it was time to harvest the lavender & plant a new round of pods into my AeroGarden.

Deciding what to do with all those fragrant flowers and leaves was a little overwhelming. There are so many choices! Eventually, I decided to go with a craft that seemed the easiest to make with on-hand ingredients. 
But first, here is a great blog on How to Remove Dried Lavender Buds From the Stems.

To make a soothing lavender & Oatmeal Bath Soak you will need the following: 
(The amount listed makes enough for one bath treatment.)

  • 1 muslin tea bag (or 9×9 inch square of muslin or cheesecloth)
  • 1/4 cup oats
  • 1/4 cup sunflower seeds
  • 2 tablespoons of dried lavender buds
  • coffee grinder, food processor or high-powered blender

Place the oats, sunflower seeds, and dried lavender buds in the grinder of your choice. Pulse until the mix forms a fine powder.

Place in a muslin tea bag or in a square of cloth. If placed in a cloth, tie up the sides so the contents are secure.

If you want to make more than just one soak, just use equal amounts oats & seeds with 1/2 the amount in lavender.

Place the mixture into an airtight jar until ready to use. Pour the amount needed into a bag just before use. 

These also would make great gifts! You can pre-assemble them or provide a jar of your mixture with some muslin squares.

To use:

Place the bag in your bath as it fills with water. Let it soak in the tub for at least 20 minutes.

The lavender gives a very subtle fragrance making it excellent for sensitive skin. 
Sunflower seeds add extra softening power.
*Please be aware if you or anyone you are gifting to has any allergies*

You can also play around with just sunflower seeds or oats alone, or switch the lavender for another herb you enjoy, such as chamomile, which I also grow in my outdoor garden.

Here are two more Lavender DIY crafts I want to try.
Soothing Lavender Foot Scrub
Lavender Candles

Have you ever made something with lavender?


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