Macrame Costers

Moving to California, I have noticed that all cold beverages condensate. You might think that is an odd statement, but that was not really a thing in Colorado. Since I did not have to worry about that in CO, I never had coasters laying around the house. Moving here, it was evident that I needed some ASAP, and instead of buying more junk, I figured I could just make them, and damn did they turn out good!

Not only are these coasters boho friendly, they were a blast to make. I used scrap macrame that I had from another project (that will make its way to the blog once finished), and mindlessly weaved them while watching TV or listening to music. The macrame used is 100% cotton with its natural creamed color, no chemical dyes.

I honestly like them so much, I would consider selling them. Would people buy these? Would you buy these? Let’s say 4 pack for $20? I will have to conduct a survey.

*Update – I went ahead and listed them on my Etsy. Fytz Clothing Etsy

Let me know!


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