Upcycled Flower Pots

So when we lived in Colorado, we used to buy our coffee from Costco. Specifically, this kind called New Mexico Piñon Coffee. We quickly found out moving to California, that they do not sell this brand of coffee at our local Costco. 😭 We tried some new brands and disliked them so much we could not even finish the bags. So we started instead buying our coffee from Trader Joes. They have a pretty good flavored one that comes in a large tin.

Me being me, I was like, what can I do with these tins? I mean, one tin of coffee lasts us, maybe 3 weeks, which means we are going to start accumulating these, and they are so nice for…something! I have thought of a couple ideas, but the one that seemed the most fun and convenient to make was a flower pot!

I had tin, and I had macrame cord. Then I was thinking…I want to dye the macrame cord a bright color, but naturally. So I looked up what ingredients I could use, and what I had at home, was onions of course.

So, I tried dying the macrame with onion skins… and it was sort of a fail. I mean I DID get color out of it, but not very vibrant. So I actually tried again, but with turmeric and holy shit, I will use that every time to get a bright orange/yellow color. It’s beautiful! I love it. (And it didn’t make my house smell like I was cooking dinner.)

Once my macrame had eventually dried, I wrapped and glued it onto the tin. Then I added some fringe, because, why not? I was showing my process on my freespiritedbohemian instagram account, and got a surprising response. People were actually watching, and liked it! So at the end, I took a poll with which plant I should fill my new flower pot with, and they voted plant 2!

Cute, upcycled, and natural, these are the type of projects I live for. I will be making more, I mean I have 2 empty tins under my sink right now as I type. Next round I am thinking beets for a bright magenta color. Stay tuned!

I also am thinking of selling on my Etsy. Would you buy? Let me know!



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  1. undiagourmet says:

    I love it!
    One more project added to my list. =)

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