Retro Mustard Trumpet Skirt w. Pom Poms

Quite the mouthful to describe the skirt I just made over the weekend. I had the creative itch and managed to start and actually finish two whole projects this past weekend (pats self on back), and this skirt was one of them!

I am so happy that I finally made something that I can actually wear on the regular. I mean, I make a lot of clothing, but they always turn out sort of costume-y, but not this time! I will be wearing this skirt every chance I can get, which is far less lately being locked away during covid… but I WILL get the opportunity.

I mean, it’s super cute, it’s my new favorite color, it fits perfectly and it is very comfortable to wear. Oh also, it has Pom Poms!

I will say…it was easier for me to make this skirt then it was for me to model in it, and this was even after a couple margs.. Modeling is hard

What are your thoughts?



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