Upcycled Flower Pots Pt.2

Whelp, I have done it again, this time using beets! I mentioned in my previous post – Upcycled Flower Pots, how I have an ever growing supply of large coffee tins. Me being me, always tries to find a way to use things more than once.

This time around making these flower pots, I actually shortened the tins for a more reasonable size, and died the macrame naturally using beets.

To make the dye I chopped up the beets and placed them in shallow water, and let that lightly boil for about 2 hours. The water had a beautiful magenta color, but I really wanted the dye to be vibrant, so I took it one step further. I scooped out the, now soft, beets and placed them in a blender, and proceeded to puree them. Then I dumped the beautiful puree into a fine mesh strainer and let the rest of the juice drip into the dye.

Once that was dry, I threw the macrame into the pot and let is sit for over a day.

Now, surprisingly, it really didn’t turn out as bright magenta as I wanted. Totally okay, this is all a learning experience, and it still turned out a beautiful light pink.

I am having a blast dying with natural ingredients. I think my next project I will try blueberries. I will let you know!


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