12 Days of Giveaways

This year I decided to partake in the 12 days Of Giveaways from my small side business Fytz Clothing. Mostly I decided to do this because I have so many small items from when I first started out, and I need to clear them out for more space and new items. Actually a lot of them are from this day. I will be starting the giveaway on Friday, Dec 11th, and it will go until Dec 22nd. Each day there will be a new prize, so that means you have 12 chances to win. I will not announce the winners until the 23rd, in hopes that the first posts get more traction, rather than limiting them to one day.

So, if you are interested in winning, follow me on Instagram or Facebook @FytzClothing. You can also help me out by spreading the word, because Instagram’s algorithm right now is only sharing your posts with 7% of your following AND hashtag searches are turned off due to the election and the spreading of false information. Really making it hard for us trying to make a small business through Instagram.

Here are all 12 days of prizes!

Which one would you hope to win?



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