Exploring Oregon Roadtrip

Let’s talk Oregon!  In my previous post Oregon Roadtrip, I mentioned which towns I was going to check out on road trip through Oregon. Well we went, and now I’m back and here is what I think… First off, the road-trip was a blast, getting to see many different towns around the state, and how…

It’s Officially Spring!

Hand painted flower pots!

Thanksgiving 2018

Well I had a fun eventful Thanksgiving this year. Wednesday night Adam (my boyfriend) and I drove over to my grandparents house and celebrated with them, my aunt and uncle, and my two cousins. Food was almost ready when we got there, so we chatted over a few drinks then stuffed ourselves with the usual….

Seattle Pt. 1

Adventure Alert! I went to two new places that I have never been, checking them off my internal map this last weekend.  A mini vacay to Seattle, WA and Vancouver, Canada for 5 days, traveled with none other- my Mom! It was an awesome time, with great weather, tons of walking, eating and exploring. Lets…

October pt. 2

Last week I mentioned that I put my car up for sale. Well if all goes well I should be selling it tomorrow! I have to go to the bank at 8:30 in the morning to meet with the guy, we exchange the money, sign over the title, and then I am car-less. Then the…


Just my weekend in October


I love food. Eating it, cooking it, looking at it..that’s why holidays are great, because they always consist of eating way too much good food. Tomas and Luna love food too, they are patiently waiting at the dinner table. Well Tomas is..Lunas got the lazer beam eyes going on. To start off the end of…