Just my weekend in October

French Dip Sandwiches

Amazingly tasty, easy, and affordable french dip sandwiches made in the crockpot to have an meal everyone will enjoy.

Pork Eggrolls

A cheap and quick easy meal for those of us on a budget and looking to meal plan.


Looking out the plane window at the descending orange sun with the fading Fitz-Roy Mountains looming in the background, I realized that I did not want to leave Patagonia. I was not ready to say goodbye to the spectacular mountain ranges, the wild llamas, and the vast empty space between the small cultural towns. I…

Iguazu Falls

All about Iguazu: Are you in South American wondering if you should go out of your way to see Iguazu Falls? The answer is yes! Take 3 days to go visit this spectacular natural park. In my opinion the falls were one of the most amazing things I have ever seen. Granted I am only…

Bacon Scallion Pancakes

Scallion Bacon Pancakes   Get ready for this super addicting form of pancake/ tortilla. They are amazing. It is so easy to eat them all in one sitting. They can be used for anything, my favorites including taco shells, teriyaki chicken sandwiches, or just warm and plain. They are thinly rolled out balls of dough,…

DIY 2-Fabric Over The Shoulder Purse

Alright finally I am writing my first blog post on something that I LOVE to do. Fashion. Designing it, Creating it, and seeing theĀ final product. This is a first for me taking pictures of my process. Usually I am in my own little world and I do not have to explain to anyone how I…

Heavenly Melted Chocolate Cake

Crunchy crust, soft moist sides, and a completely liquid center make up this wonderful cake. Add flavors of rich chocolate, juicy strawberries, and a hint of coffee, and you have yourself a dessert that you wont stop eating until it is gone.

Paseo De La Historieta – Comic Walk in Buenos Aires

Paseo De La Historieta – Comic Walk in Buenos Aires If you find yourself in Buenos Aires Argentina, on a warm day, and have no money to spend, I suggest you take the time to walk the Paseo de la Historieta. A street circuit that pays tribute to Argentine comic characters. Not a long walk…