Ball is life

A message from Cosma – Ball is life. That is all

Cats in Cars = No Fun

So if you stay tuned to my blog, then you will know that Adam and I are moving to California soon. In 2 months to be exact. So beyond excited and antsy. Well, we told our landlords that we do not want to re-sign our lease, so they already put our place on the market….

Cosma the Tank

We have a tank of a dog, Cosma. She looks like a chocolate lab, pitbull mix, with the beautiful brown coloring, short legs, alligator’s mouth and is built for days. In April she will be 5 years old already. Crazy. My boyfriend got her back in college, so small, she could fit into your cupped…

Dog Rain Jacket DIY

Our adorable sausage of a dog, Cosma, has very short hair, and whenever we go on hikes she usually gets pretty cold. We have a cute sweater for her to stay warm, and if we know there will be rain or snow we usually give her our spare rain jacket, but since she is so…

Birthday Adventures

This past weekend I got to celebrate my 26th birthday. Shit, I am officially on my way to old… 4 more years and I am 30! I know, I know that is still really young, but still… Anyways, I had a fantastic weekend celebrating with a number of people, and doing all the things I…