Chipotle, Steak, & Broccoli Quiche

Clean out the fridge Friday = quiche time! Today’s quiche features a chipotle sauce base topped with a thin layer of tomato slices. Then I added sautéed onions and broccoli mixed with pepper jack cheese and sliced steak. To top it off, whisked eggs with a little bit of heavy cream. I love making quiche….

Chorizo & Chard Quichata

Yes, I meant quichata. This is my version of a quiche crossed with a frittata, including dough and super fluffy eggs. Bonus, I baked it in a Dutch oven. With just a few delicious ingredients, you can make yourself a quichata too! Ingredients: For the Dough:1 Large Egg2 1/2 Tbsp Ice Water1 1/2 Cup FlourTsp…